View Rotten Tomatoes Scores for Current Movies in Status Board by Panic

Using PHP and the Rotten Tomatoes API, I’ve created an HTML widget for use in Status Board. It features a scrollable list of movies currently in theaters, including the critics rating for each, the tomato icon (Fresh, Rotten, Certified Fresh) and a link to that movie’s page. Unfortunately, links within DIY widgets open a new page within the iframe, so I cannot link to the Rotten Tomatoes page in Safari. But I found that URL schemes “escape” Status Board, so I’m linking to the movie’s page in the Flixster for iPad app. (The URL scheme for a movie’s page is flixster://?action=movieDetails&movieId=<movieId>.)

Consider this widget “beta.” I’m still tweaking the design. And note that I haven’t run this widget by the folks at Flixster — it will only work as long as I have a working API key. However, it’s noncompetitive and links to their app, so I’m assuming everything’s kosher.

You can add a DIY widget and enter this URL: or, if you’re currently on your iPad, click on this link to automatically install it in Status Board. It looks best 5 tiles wide.

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