The OPML Type Attribute and Font Awesome Icons Included in Fargo and Little Outliner

Small Picture Reader is a new product by Dave Winer’s Small Picture that displays any OPML file shared on Dropbox in outline form. After perusing the No Agenda #506 Shownotes Outline I noticed the use of more Font Awesome icons (please read my previous post to learn more about them). After inspecting the OPML file, I realized that there are many more type attributes than I was previously aware of.

The type attribute is discussed in the OPML spec but it appears that many more types than link, rss, and include are supported in Fargo and Little Outliner. These appear to have their origins in Dave Winer’s worldOutline. I do not pretend to know how all of these work, but I discovered that the use of the type attribute automatically “calls” the relevant icon from the Font Awesome set.

Type Attribute Icons

You can view the full outline in Small Picture Reader.

The nodes above only include text and type attributes. For example, the outline type looks like

<outline text="Outline" type="outline"/>

Unlike the icon attribute mentioned in my earlier post, here you only have to enter the one of these type attributes and the icon automatically shows up in the outline.


Over at the small picture Google group, Eric Davis points out that “The ‘appTypeIcons’ object in appears to have all supported types and their icons.”

Here is a snippet from that file (copyright 2013, Small Picture):

var appTypeIcons = {
    "blogpost": "file-alt",
    "essay": "file-alt", 
    "code": "laptop",
    "directory": "folder-open-alt",
    "discusstree": "comments",
    "home": "home",
    "html": "file-alt",
    "icon-comment": "comment-alt", 
    "icon-star": "star-empty", 
    "icon-time": "time", 
    "icon-user": "user", 
    "include": "star-empty", 
    "index": "file-alt",
    "link": "bookmark-empty",
    "outline": "list-alt",
    "photo": "camera",
    "presentation": "file-alt",
    "redirect": "refresh",
    "river": "file-alt",
    "rss": "rss",
    "tabs": "file-alt",
    "thread": "comments",
    "thumblist": "th",
    "metaWeblogPost": "file-alt"

I’ve updated my public outline to include some of these.


  1. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    It looks like the same OPML file for the No Agenda podcast powers the show notes website which is hosted on the World Outline.

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