Use a Recursive URL Action in Drafts for iOS to Create a Public Note in Dropbox and Tweet a Link to That Note

The x-callback-url spec allows apps to communicate with each other, and takes URL schemes to another level. My first exposure to URL schemes was via Launch Center Pro, which enables you to to, for example, enter prompts within the app and then send this text to Omnifocus to automatically create a new task with a note.


The callback lets you take yet another action, like return to an app (more possibilities below). In a previous post, I outline how I composed the following to send the contents of the clipboard from LCP to Drafts to Dropbox and then return to LCP:


To summarize: I entered this URL in the Action Composer in Launch Center Pro. When I tap on the action, it takes the contents of the clipboard and sends it to Drafts. It then performs the action Save to Dropbox and after that has been successfully completed, it returns me to Launch Center Pro.

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