Use Trunk Notes as an App Launcher

Launch Center Pro made a big splash because it allows you to launch many apps from a single place, instead of having to swipe through many home screens, or to find the group in which you placed a particular app. However, it’s main strength is its ability to let you take actions with apps, such as entering text to search in google or IMDB, or to send a task to Omnifocus.

I tend to use LCP more for the latter purpose, as it feels like to much hunting to dig down into a LCP group just to launch the app I’m looking for.

Fortunately, there are other ways to launch an app. To work in LCP, an app must provide an URL scheme, which is like a link for that particular app. For example, Google Chrome’s URL scheme is googlechrome:. If you type that into the address bar in mobile Safari, it will launch this alternate browser. Neat, huh? And that will work for any app that provides an URL scheme.

Of course, typing out an URL scheme into the browser’s address bar is cumbersome. And you could create a bookmark much like you would for creating a bookmarklet, by bookmarking any page and then editing the link and replacing it with the URL scheme. But there’s a more convenient way: a wiki page on your iPhone.
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