Add Clipboard Contents and URL to Quotebook with Drafts 3.0

Drafts 3.0 just came out. It has many new features, but one notable addition is that it now uses the clipboard contents. I was trying to think of a cool way to utilize this function, and came up with a bookmarklet that lets you add the clipboard contents of a page and its URL to Quotebook. Quotebook autodetects the clipboard contents, but if you want to remember where you found a quote, you still need to go back to the browser to grab the URL.

To make this work, you both have to add an URL Action to Drafts and install a javascript bookmarklet on your iPhone. If you’re on your iPhone when you read this, tap on this link to import the action into your version of Drafts. (Make sure you’ve upgraded your version so that it supports the clipboard function!) This action is called “quote” and the template is as follows:


Here’s the Quotebook URL scheme.

Next, create the bookmarklet. Bookmark any page and call it “Quote.” Then tap on the bookmarks icon, tap on Edit, and then tap on the URL. Tap on the X to delete it, and paste in the following:


Save the new link, and you’re all set. Now go to any page in your mobile browser. Select some text and tap on Copy. Then open your bookmarks and tap on Quote. After a short stop via Drafts, you’ll end up in Quotebook with both the quote and the URL already entered.

copy quote