Add Title, URL, and Description to Pinbook with This iOS Bookmarklet

To piggyback on yesterday’s post about the incorporation of the iOS clipboard contents in Drafts 3.0, I’ve written another bookmarklet/URL Action combo. This one lets you add the title, URL and selected text from a web page to Pinboard via the Pinbook app. (I’ve written a previous post about URL Actions for three different Pinboard apps but I’ve stuck with Pinbook. You can adapt my workflow below for different apps if their URL schemes support the same parameters.)

I’ve adapted Federico Viticci‘s javascript bookmarklet to put the title on the first line in Drafts and the URL in the second line to create this workflow. First, while on your iPhone tap on this link to import the URL Action into your version of Drafts. (Make sure you’ve upgraded to the latest version.) Or you can create an URL Action, title it “pinbook-desc” and enter the following:


This action takes the first line of the draft and makes it the title of your bookmark. The second line becomes the URL, and the contents of the clipboard becomes the description of your bookmark.

Next, you need to create a bookmarklet in your iOS browser. In Safari, bookmark any page and change the title to “Pinbook-Desc” (actually you can call it whatever you want). Then open bookmarks, tap on Edit, then open “Pinbook-Desc.” Tap on the URL, and then tap on the X to delete it. Then paste the following into that field and save the updated bookmark.

update bookmark

Now you’re all set. If you want to save some text in your Pinboard bookmark, select it and then tap on copy. Then open bookmarks, tap on “Pinbook-Desc” and the bookmark will be auto-filled with the page’s title, URL and your selected text.

select text


Addendum (2013-04-26)

You don’t need Drafts to add a description if you’re on an iPad. The document.getSelection javacript will work on an iPad if the bookmarklet is in your Bookmarks Bar. You can grab that bookmarket here.

Use Drafts URL Actions to Add a Link to Pinboard via Pinbook, Pushpin or Pinner

The newest version of Drafts for iOS now supports URL Actions that make use of URL schemes. URL schemes are essentially special links that allow you to launch an action within another app on your iPhone.

Three useful apps on the iPhone are Pinbook, Pushpin, and Pinner which use URL schemes to add a bookmark to Pinboard. Here’s info on Pushpin’s URL scheme, Pinbook’s URL scheme, and Pinner’s URL scheme.

At most, Drafts lets you break a draft into two parts: the first line [[title]] and the rest [[body]].

Using these apps’ URL schemes, you can import a draft into Pinboard if you put the title in the first line and the URL in your second line of your draft.

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