Moving Text Between Your iPhone and a Desktop Computer

Emailing notes to yourself is not the most efficient way to transfer information between your phone and your desktop computer. If I were to do this on my phone, I’d have to perform the following steps:

  1. Select text and copy it to the clipboard.
  2. Tap home screen button.
  3. Tap on Mail.
  4. Hit “compose” button.
  5. Enter my own email in the To: field.
  6. Paste the contents of the clipboard into the body.
  7. Hit “send,” and if I don’t include a Subject line, tap on a dialog box to confirm that I want to send it anyway.
  8. Go to on my desktop.
  9. Open the email.
  10. Select the text and copy it to the clipboard.
  11. Do what I want with it.

Thanks to cloud- and WiFi-based solutions, there are more efficient ways to move text. I have outlined a number of solutions to this problem below.

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Add a Task in Drafts for iOS to TaskPaper with One Tap

Drafts for iOS is an excellent app that allows you to quickly jot down a note and then later “process” it by sending it to various apps like Evernote or Twitter. A recent development includes Mail Actions, which triggers an email of the note from a specific address. This is useful for a web app like IFTTT which will — with your permission — scan your gmail for emails coming from a specific address (the “trigger” or “if”) and then perform an action (or “that”) on it.

TaskPaper is an app for Mac and iOS that essentially renders a text file containing a todo list into a more usable format. If you place your text file in a Dropfox folder, then the iOS app will sync with the file on your Mac.

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