Send a Task from Drafts to Trello with the Help of Zapier

Although I’ve been getting geeky with text-based todo lists (like TaskPaper), the rest of my family does not share my passion. Fortunately, I finally found a collaborative task-based system that both my wife and I like: Trello. This is a visual tool which appears to be inspired by Kanban boards. Basically, you have boards which contain lists, and each list contains cards. And each card can be labelled or have checklists or attached docs or assigned members, and so on. It’s easy to drag cards around, and the dragging effect on iOS devices is kinda fun.

Granted, this web app is far from text-file-friendly, but there is a way to, say, jot something down in one of my favorite apps — Drafts — and get it into Trello. And that’s with the help of Zapier. Zapier is like IFTTT on steroids, or at least an IFTTT for business. It’s a freemium product, and for free you get 5 “zaps” (like IFTTT recipes) and 150 performed tasks. Because Trello has an API, Zapier can combine it with email.

I’ve created a shared zap that allows me to send an email to a secret address. The subject line of the email become the title of a card in the “Inbox” list of the “House” board in my Trello account. Because Drafts supports background email actions, it can send your draft to your secret Zapier address from

If you’re reading this on your iOS device, tap on this import action to add the Email Action. Then edit it to replace SECRETEMAILADDRESS with your secret Zapier address.

After you’ve set all this up, just create a draft, tap on the House Trello action, and your task should be immediately added to the board and list of your choice, where your family members can view it.

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