Schedule a Tweet for Later with Due and Drafts

There are many apps that let you schedule your tweets, but if you have Drafts and Due on your iPhone (plus Tweetbot or the native Twitter app), that’s all you need.

The following is adapted from Nathan Henrie who wrote a Drafts URL Action to send a time-delayed text message. Please read his post first if you want to understand the logic (but you don’t have to “get it” to have the action work).

In my “Tweet Later” URL Action, you enter the day and/or time in natural language on the first line of Drafts, and then enter your tweet on the second line (and thereafter). Hit the “Tweet Later” action, and you will be sent to the Due app, where you tap twice at the top of the screen to parse the time and then remove the language from the title. (If you were to enter “Buy eggs at 4pm” in Due, tap the top twice to automatically set the alert for 4pm and reduce the title to “Buy eggs.”) You will then be prompted to return to Drafts.

When the alarm goes off, tap on the checkbox and it will prompt you to open the URL. Tap on it, and Tweetbot will open with the text of your tweet.

Here is the URL Action:

and if you are on your iPhone you can tap here to import the action into your version of Drafts.

Make sure to substitute SCREENNAME with your Twitter handle.

Prefer the Native Twitter App?

Alternatively, you can use Drafts’ native Twitter actions:

If you are on your iPhone, tap here to import the URL Action.

Once again you will have to sub in your username. Please be aware that this action automatically posts your tweet in the background.


  1. Kerry Dawson says:

    I’ve have drafts sitting on my iPhone and iPad for months now as I never got why one would need something like it and without a Mac app it seemed very pointless. The more I read about this app the more I’m convinced its not only these things but insane. How does any of that gibberish you wrote in Drafts that‘s supposed to make itself over to Due or whatever make you “being productive when you’re away from home“. I have Due, a long with a powerful Task Manager, which both work in OS/X and IOS, as I wanted a simple reminders app and that it is and does well. This convolution of writing that somehow you and maybe some arcane programmer could write would make anyone more productive anywhere is nothing less than nuts. Lets take the simple and make it as complex as possible and for what…..????

    • Jeffrey Kishner says:

      1. I’m not an experienced programmer, but I enjoy the challenge of composing these URL Actions — it’s a puzzle.

      2. I have no problem with Buffer. I do think that reliance on web services takes some power out of the user, and that if I can keep my text on my phone and manipulate it via a few local apps, then I have more control of my information. No, these hacks are not for everyone, but I think there’s a place for them.


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