Use Drafts URL Actions to Add a Link to Pinboard via Pinbook, Pushpin or Pinner

The newest version of Drafts for iOS now supports URL Actions that make use of URL schemes. URL schemes are essentially special links that allow you to launch an action within another app on your iPhone.

Three useful apps on the iPhone are Pinbook, Pushpin, and Pinner which use URL schemes to add a bookmark to Pinboard. Here’s info on Pushpin’s URL scheme, Pinbook’s URL scheme, and Pinner’s URL scheme.

At most, Drafts lets you break a draft into two parts: the first line [[title]] and the rest [[body]].

Using these apps’ URL schemes, you can import a draft into Pinboard if you put the title in the first line and the URL in your second line of your draft.

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1Password for iOS is All You Need

Don’t tell anyone, but I pretty much pay all my bills online at my office computer. I’ve stupidly maintained an online database of my passwords, and finally made the move to 1Password, an app that encrypts a password database using one strong master password. I can’t have 1Password for Mac installed on my work computer, but 1Password for iOS suits my needs just fine.

The iOS app has a built-in browser that autofills your username and password when you visit a site for which you’ve entered the credentials in your database. But it’s easy to access your passwords in almost any web browser.

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Moving Text Between Your iPhone and a Desktop Computer

Emailing notes to yourself is not the most efficient way to transfer information between your phone and your desktop computer. If I were to do this on my phone, I’d have to perform the following steps:

  1. Select text and copy it to the clipboard.
  2. Tap home screen button.
  3. Tap on Mail.
  4. Hit “compose” button.
  5. Enter my own email in the To: field.
  6. Paste the contents of the clipboard into the body.
  7. Hit “send,” and if I don’t include a Subject line, tap on a dialog box to confirm that I want to send it anyway.
  8. Go to on my desktop.
  9. Open the email.
  10. Select the text and copy it to the clipboard.
  11. Do what I want with it.

Thanks to cloud- and WiFi-based solutions, there are more efficient ways to move text. I have outlined a number of solutions to this problem below.

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Add a Task in Drafts for iOS to TaskPaper with One Tap

Drafts for iOS is an excellent app that allows you to quickly jot down a note and then later “process” it by sending it to various apps like Evernote or Twitter. A recent development includes Mail Actions, which triggers an email of the note from a specific address. This is useful for a web app like IFTTT which will — with your permission — scan your gmail for emails coming from a specific address (the “trigger” or “if”) and then perform an action (or “that”) on it.

TaskPaper is an app for Mac and iOS that essentially renders a text file containing a todo list into a more usable format. If you place your text file in a Dropfox folder, then the iOS app will sync with the file on your Mac.

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