My name is Jeffrey Kishner. I’m an Apple productivity nerd, but I have a day job and a family. Although I’m fortunate enough to work at a Mac at the office, I can’t have my Dropbox folders on my hard drive, and I can’t download apps from the Mac App Store. In essence, there are limitations to what I can do while I’m away from home.

This blog includes many of the workarounds I have found or developed to help me manage my life without the use of a laptop everywhere I go. To give one example: I work a lot with text files, but I can’t just open TextEdit or NVAlt and edit a file in my Dropbox folder. Instead, I use a great web app called Textdropapp that allows me to edit text files in my Dropbox account and preview them in Markdown.

I have also written about iOS productivity on my personal blog.

If you’d like to reach me, hit me up on Twitter.