1Password for iOS is All You Need

Don’t tell anyone, but I pretty much pay all my bills online at my office computer. I’ve stupidly maintained an online database of my passwords, and finally made the move to 1Password, an app that encrypts a password database using one strong master password. I can’t have 1Password for Mac installed on my work computer, but 1Password for iOS suits my needs just fine.

The iOS app has a built-in browser that autofills your username and password when you visit a site for which you’ve entered the credentials in your database. But it’s easy to access your passwords in almost any web browser.

How to View Your Passwords on Any Computer

If you sync your 1Password database with Dropbox, then you will find an html file in your Dropbox folder at https://www.dropbox.com/home/1Password/1Password.agilekeychain/1password.html (and in the Dropbox folder on your home computer’s hard drive as well).

(Mind you, this process was not seamless when I installed the iOS app. Dropbox syncing did not work for me, and as per tech support, I had to go to iTunes File Sharing and save the keychain to the Dropbox folder on my home Mac. Since then, Dropbox syncing has been seamless.)

At any computer, all you have to do is sign in to Dropbox, click on 1password.html, and enter your password. (Your password database is encrypted in Dropbox.) Once you’re signed in, you can access all your passwords. Unfortunately, your user login info for all your sites won’t be automatically populated in the browser, but at least you can save a password to the clipboard and paste it into the appropriate field instead of looking it up in the iOS app and typing it out.

iOS Shorcuts

If you’re using the iOS app, there are also a few good hacks to make your life easier.

  1. If you’re in mobile Safari and visit a website that you want to log in to (and you know that the credentials for this site are in your database), tap the address bar and insert op immediately before the http and “GO” — this action will launch the current URL into the 1Password browser, which you can access after you log in to the app. If you’re into bookmarklets, you can create this one, and just tap on it to do the same thing:

javascript:window.location='op'+(window.location.href); (via MacStories)

  1. If you use Launch Center Pro, you can search for any term in your database from LCP, and it will launch 1Password and narrow down the results to your search term.

Search for 1Password 4 in Launch Center Pro and choose Search for Entry

Tap on [Input Prompt] and then Keyboard

or enter this URL into the Action Composer: onepassword://search/[prompt]

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